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Dubai Lifeguard Training

Dubai Lifeguard Training

UAE is the land of sunshine where the rays keep scorching the skin. People would love to take pleasure in these sunny days in the pool or sea escapade. In such situations, the demand of lifeguard increases more than ever. Through this job, you can also make some potential friends and enjoy the fresh air with cooling water touching your feet.

Whether you choose this profession for fun or really want a serious occupation in this field, you can save public lives with our best Dubai Lifeguard Training.

For this occupation, you required to stay in a good shape and face the sun rays which ask huge stamina and hard work as compare to other career.

Prospects of Lifeguard Training in Dubai

Lifeguard is vitally entitled with the great level of duty and responsibility. That is the reason why a proper certification is required in which you will go under immense training to sharpen your skills. You have to get prepared for emergency situations under water. There are countless clubs, hotels, pools, spas and sea ventures who will hire you upon getting a lifeguard training in Dubai from CTDC.

Requirements of UAE Lifeguard Training

  • Person must be at least 15 years old before or on the final day of completing the course
  • Can easily swim at least 300 yards in continuation without stopping with the right rhythmic breathing and breath control
  • Be able to use breaststroke, front crawl, o a combination of both
  • Back or side swimming is not allowed
  • Using their leg powers easily tread water for 2 minutes at least

Lifeguard Training in DubaiFor Dubai Lifeguard training a candidate must complete the stated events in at least 1 min, 40 sec:

  • Swim 20 yards stating in the water. Face could be in or out
  • Do surface dive, head first or feet first, to a required depth of 7 to 10 feet and retrieve a 10 pound object
  • Come back to the surface and again swim for 20 yards and return to the starting point with keeping face near surface and holding the object with both hands
  • Exit the water area without using steps or ladder

CTDC Lifeguard Certification in Dubai


25 hours

  • Participate and attend all class sessions
  • Show full competency in all activities and required skills
  • Demonstrate competency in rescue skill and saving lives scenarios

Every certification require a final exam after the Dubai lifeguard training sessions both practical and written tests of different aspects of a successful lifeguard.