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Dubai First Aid Training

UAE First Aid Training

According to the statistics, the Dubai Police Department Command & Control Centre received around 2,400 calls and reported 250 crashes in 5 hours during the first day of observing Ramadan in 2016. We are living a life which is full of surprises. Sometimes those surprises are not pleasant and cause many injuries on our memories.

In such cases, quick and right actions are required to handle the situations that can badly affect the health of our beloved and even cost their life.

In this turbulent time, walking on the street or driving on the highways, doing home chores or completing our office work, there is a potential probability of serious harm. For such accidents, we entail a high level of courage and skills in order to help ourselves or the victims in front of us. Dubai first aid training is vital in today’s era. That is the reason why CTDC has stated the course at our institution.

We provide the certificates that are highly in demand and accepted by all the local authorities and private bodies for licenses processes.

Why Take First Aid Course in Dubai

Learning the basics and details of first aid can profoundly help you feel more ready and prepared to cope with any sort of emergency situation. For companies or businesses, it can provide the benefit of managing risks and also reduce a lot of time that could be lost due to injury at the workplace.

Sometimes every second is important to take critical decisions; this is where first aid course in Dubai comes handy. No one knows when a colleague, family member, friend or a stranger might need your help. We believe that everyone has the basic understanding of act in an emergency.

We have created Dubai first aid training to provide you all the necessary and essential knowledge of how you can operate during accidents or urgent situation.

On completion of our course you will be able to

  • Recognize various type of life-threatening situations
  • Offer vital and quick assistance before the help arrives
  • Advance your UAE first aid training to the top level

Dubai First Aid TrainingWhy CTDC for UAE First Aid Training

If you are planning to take UAE first aid training, the CTDC is the best institute you can choose for upgrading you life-saving skills. We are the leader in providing safety lessons through our team of experts who are already working in the field.

First Aid Course in Dubai


8 hours

We provide

  • The required study material and textbook for the course
  • Teach you how to prevent injury, skillfully perform cardiac chest compressions, apply basic first aid and the proper use of critical instruments such as automatic external defibrillator
  • Issue a certificate from CTDC which is well recognized for at least 2 years for first aid and 1 year for CPR