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Best Fire Safety Training in Dubai

Fire Safety Training in UAE

The United Arab of Emirates is a world-renowned hub for business and skyscrapers using high technology in construction. Protection is no doubt the first priority for the companies who are creating these mega buildings.

Yet, in recent years a huge number of flames breakout incidents have occurred including the fireworks went wrong and Palm Jumeirah inferno.

In such events, fire safety training in UAE can come handy.  Conquer Development Center is the leading educational guidance provider of most challenging firefighting courses throughout the Emirates.

Approved by the prestigious Dubai Civil Defence and working in collaboration with Dubai Scouts Mission, CTDC was established in the year 2015.

Acquiring the best fire safety training in Dubai is essential for saving lives in your office, hotel and any other building and it is a huge requirement for government bodies and municipality as well.

If you can get a grasp of different ways an explosion or a conflagration can occur, and you are able to mitigate these bad circumstances.

This course will definitely serve as a great approach for everyone in creating a harmless and secluded work environment.

What You Will Learn During Dubai Fire Safety Training

The aim of proving this course is to endow with a knowledgeable information on the
Best Fire Safety Training Dubai

  • Sources of fires
  • Origins of fires
  • Ways to protect yourself
  • Ways to prevent fires
  • How you can save others life
  • Identifying a safe haven for affected person

This course will definitely give you a better understanding of all the essential knowledge of flames danger, including the variety of substance and elements that can make a fire upon contact, electrical and static discharges, vapor pressure, friction, flash points and chain reactions.

Conquer provides Dubai Fire Safety Training which suits everyone who wants to learn awareness, methodologies and evacuation during incidents.

For saving the lives professionally, our Dubai best fire safety training is important!

Our classes will equip all the learners with the useful skills and profound information which are a major demand for various jobs in the industry of fire safety. They will also facilitate our students to compete bonfire went wrong in an efficient manner.

Who Should Take Best Fire Safety Training in UAE

Regardless of the industry, you are working or the field you choose, under government legislation each and every employee requires an adequate expertise in an event when the fire occurs. Employers should ensure that every new member of staff is well taught or else get the guidance.

This course is also appropriate for those people who are planning to become a designated fire-marshal. Through acquiring this best fire safety training in UAE you will get the understanding of danger precautions, protection legislation, and firefighting equipment.

Fire Safety Training in DubaiWhy choose fire safety training in Dubai with CTDC?

  • Renowned and leading Dubai training school
  • Our course meets all the international and UAE guidelines
  • Regularly updated with up-to-date knowledge and skills
  • Expert tutors for fire safety training in Dubai with real experience
  • Supportive and friendly learning environment

Our mentors are here to willingly provide utmost education and field proficiency so that you don’t have to face any difficulty during conflagration incidents.

We believe in saving humanity!

Fire Safety Course Schedule - Level 1

Time Content
00: – 00:15 Course Introduction, Registration
00:15 – 1:15 Chemistry of Fire, Fire Extinction
1:15 – 1:25 Break
1:25 – 2:10 Fire Safety Equipment, Fire Preventioncon
2:10 – 2:20 Break
2:20 – 3:10 Fire extinguishers and their safe operating procedures
3:10 PM – 4:10 PM Written Test & Practical Fire Fighting

Chemistry of Fire, Fire Extinction Methods

  • Triangle of Fire
  • Fire Extinction Methods
  • Action to be taken in the event of a fire
  • Re-entry to the premises.

Fire Safety Equipment, Fire Prevention Methods

  • Fire Procedure.
  • Fire Alarm System.
  • Fire Fighting System.
  • Fire prevention measures at workplace.

Fire Extinguisher and their safe operating procedures

  • Classification of Fire
  • Different types of Fire Extinguishers
  • Safe operating parameters for the use of portable fire extinguishers before use
  • Precautions to use a fire extinguisher

Written Test & Practical Fire Fighting

  • Multiple choice test
  • Use of follow Fire extinguisher on live fire under supervision of instructors
    • Water type
    • Foam Type
    • Powder Type
    • CO2 Type

Fire Warden Course - Level 2

Time Content
00:00 – 00:15 Registration
00:15 – 02:00 Course Introduction, Fire Chemistry, Workplace fires
02:00 – 02:20 Break
02:00 – 03:00 UAE Fire Safety Standards, Evacuation Planning
03:00 – 04:40 Lunch Break
4:40 – 5:40 Fire risk Assessment
05:40 – 05:50 Break
05:50 – 06:50 Roles & Responsibilities
06:50 – 07:00 Break
07:00 – 08:00 PM Written Test & Practical

Course introduction, Fire Chemistry, Workplace fires

  • Definition of Fire
  • File triangle and Fire Tetrahedron
  • Type of Fire
  • Common cause of fires in the workplace
  • Hazards during and after a fire.

Fire Safety Standards

  • Role of the employer
  • Role of the responsible person
  • Role of the employee in respect
  • Possible consequences for failing to comply with fire safety standards.

Protection of people and property

  • Ways of detecting and sounding a warning of fire
  • ‘Means of escape’ and its components
  • Methods to extinguish a fire
  • How to use a fire extinguisher safely
  • Fixed firefighting systems and their use

Fire risk Assessment

  • ‘Hazard’ and ‘Risk’ in relation to fire safety
  • Common fire hazards at workplace
  • Importance of fire risk assessment
  • Steps to complete a fire risk assessment
  • Simple fire safety checklist.
  • Who should do it.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Role and function of a fire warden during normal work activities
  • Role and function of a fire warden during emergency
  • Role and function of a fire warden during emergency and after evacuation
  • Contents of a fire safety briefing

Level 2: Fire & Emergency Evacuation Training Course Schedule

Time Content
08:00 AM – 08:15 AM Course Introduction, Registration
08:15 AM – 09:15 AM Fire & Emergency Evacuation requirements
09:30 AM – 10:30 AM Fire Emergency Control Procedure
10:30 AM – 10:40 AM Break
10:40 AM – 12:00 PM Fire Safety & Prevention Provisions
12:00 PM – 12:40 PM Lunch Break
12:40 PM – 13:40 PM Evacuation procedure
13:40 PM – 13:50 PM Break
13:50 PM – 14:50 PM After the incident
14:50 PM – 15:00 PM Break
15:00 PM – 16:00 PM Written Test & Practical