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Fire Marshal Training in Dubai

Fire Marshal Training in Dubai

Staying on both sides of the line between police work and firefighting, primarily serving in fire service, their foremost job is to inspect all the causes of conflagrations and also strongly enforcing the code of conduct.

Their responsibilities and instruction build upon all of those fire investigators techniques but majorly focus on the aspect of decree implementation during the situation.

Fire marshals training in Dubai will make you work for regional, state and local agencies of fire and law enforcement. The role of the fighter varies by the area and position.

Future Prospects of UAE Fire Marshal Training

These employees can easily be found operating for a variety of agencies that include departments of finance, state police, offices of fire investigation and education divisions with planning and building departments.

After getting a course for UAE Fire Marshal Training by CTDC, some personnel get the appointment effortlessly and other rises through the existing ranks and pass all the qualifying tests.

Hiring a designated trained staff for controlling conflagration at occupation is a major part of protection. They work together with the employer and make sure that evacuation procedures and fire safety measures are effective and in place.

Fire Marshal Training Dubai Level 2

6 Hrs.

Course Content :
Fire Marshal Training UAE

  • Chemistry of Fire, Fire Extinction
  • Fire & Emergency Evacuation requirements
  • Fire Emergency Control Procedure
  • Fire Safety & prevention provisions
  • Evacuation procedure
  • After the incident
  • Written Test & Practical Fire Fighting

This fire marshal training Dubai course covers all the role of the designated workplace expert.

You will learn a lot of things about preventing fires and different types of viable fire extinguisher and their guidelines to use correctly.

This course will teach you

The fire marshal training in UAE will present a thorough understanding of general fire precautions and fire regulations. It aims to endow with the profound knowledge to become a specialist in the field.

Who Should Attend Fire Marshal Training

This course is perfectly suitable for:

  • People who are responsible for workplace safety and overseeing fire safety
  • working as a designated fire marshals
  • whoever needs to know a proper guidance for fire extinguisher

Why Choose CTDC?

We have a team of experienced Instructors who have already worked in the incidents and accidents of fire breakouts. We deliver this course through realistic approach for the participants.

Through fire marshal training UAE you can offer your services ‘on site’, anywhere in the Emirates. We have tailored the classes to ensure that all the content is relevant for the work environment.

Level 1 Fire Safety Course Schedule

Time Content
00:00 -00:15 Course Introduction, Registration
00:15 -01:15 Chemistry of Fire, Fire Extinction
01:15 -01:25 Break
01:25 -02: 10 Fire Safety Equipment, Fire Prevention
02:10 -02:20 Break
02:20 -03:10 Fire extinguishers and their safe operating procedures
03:10pm 04:00pm Written Test & Practical Fire Fighting

Chemistry of Fire, Fire Extinction Methods

  • Triangle of fire
  • Fire Extinction Methods
  • Action to be taken in the event of a fire
  • Re-entry to the premises.

Fire Safety Equipment, Fire Prevention Methods

  • Fire Procedure.
  • Fire Alarm System.
  • Fire Fighting System.
  • Fire prevention measures at workplace.

Fire extinguishers and their safe operating procedures

  • Classification of Fire
  • Different Types of Fire extinguishers
  • Safe operating parameters for the use of portable fire extinguishers.
  • Standard checks for fire extinguishers before use
  • Precautions to use a fire extinguisher

Written Test & Practical Fire Fighting

  • Multiple choice test
  • Use of following Fire extinguishers on live fire under supervision of instructors
  • Water Type
  • Foam Type
  • Powder Type
  • CO2Type

Fire Warden Course(Level 2 )

Time Content
00:00 -00:15 Registration
00:15 -02:00 Course Introduction, Fire Chemistry, Workplace fires
02:00 -02:20 Break
02:20 -03:00 UAE Fire Safety Standards, Evacuation Planning
03:00 -04:00 Protection of people and property
04:00 -04:40 Lunch Break
04:40 -05:40 Fire risk Assessment
05:40 -05:50 Break
05:50 –06:50 Roles and Responsibilities
06:50 -07:00 Break
07:00 –08:00 pm Written Test & Practical

Course Introduction, Fire Chemistry, Workplace fires

  • Definition of Fire
  • Fire triangle and Fire Tetrahedron
  • Types of fire
  • Common causes of fires in the workplace
  • Hazards during and after a fire.

Fire Safety Standards

  • Role of the employer
  • Role of the responsible person
  • Role of the employee in respect
  • Possible consequences for failing to comply with fire safety standards

Protection of people and property

  • Ways of detecting and sounding a warning of fire
  • ‘Means of escape’ and its components
  • Methods to extinguish a fire
  • How to use a fire extinguisher safely
  • Fixed fire fighting systems and their use

Fire risk Assessment

  • ‘Hazard’ and ‘Risk’ in relation to fire safety
  • Common fire hazards at workplace
  • Importance of fire risk assessment
  • Steps to complete a fire risk assessment
  • Simple fire safety checklist.
  • Who should do it

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Role and function of a fire warden during normal work activities
  • Role and function of a fire warden during emergency
  • Role and function of a fire warden during and after evacuation
  • Contents of a fire safety briefing

Fire& Emergency Evacuation Training Course Schedule

Time Content
08:00 am 08:15am Course Introduction, Registration
08:15am 09:15am Fire & Emergency Evacuation requirements
09:30am 10:30am Fire Emergency Control Procedure
10:30am-10:40am Break
10:40am -12: 00 pm Fire Safety & prevention provisions
12:00 pm-12:40 pm Lunch Break
12:40 pm-13:40 pm Evacuation procedure
13:40pm-13:50pm Break
13:50pm –14:50 pm After the incident
14:50pm-15:00pm Break
15:00am –16:00 pm Written Test & Practical