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Health and Safety Courses

Training ConquerTDCBasic Fire Safety Level 1

  • Beneficial for general laborers, office worker, farm workers, professional firefighters etc.
  • Minimize loss of life and learn basic skills of firefighting
  • Know more about methods of extinguishing and preventing fires at early stages.

Fire Warden Training Level 2

  • Become a part of firefighting drills in real
  • Learn expertise related to critical techniques of fire fighting and their application in a safe manner
  • Join the team of fire warden and fire marshal in the UAE

Emergency First Aid at Work

  • Learn to provide basic life support effectively in the case of an emergency
  • Become expert in the application of first aid at home, workplace or anywhere
  • Suitable for supervisors, health and safety workers, managers, and employees accountable for first aid.

Advance First Aid at Work

  • Become an expert and earn the confidence in applying first aid
  • Learn to deal with injuries, carry out a casualty assessment and perform necessary basic life support till the assistance arrives.
  • Ideal for health and safety managers, designated first aiders, and person who wants to enhance vocational training with the help of a first aid certificate

Basic First Aid w/ CPR & AED

  • A necessity for Occupational First Aiders working in the UAE
  • Covers high impact and more serious life-threatening, fatal medical emergencies and work related injuries such as drowning

Pediatric First Aid at Work

  • Learn to take immediate action in case of choking or any other child emergencies
  • Beneficial for professional nanny, first aider, day care professionals, school medical advisor and parents


  • Valuable life-saving skill which includes the training of first aid, rescue technique, and CPR
  • Help in maintaining fitness level and healthy lifestyle
  • Unlimited opportunities at clubs, sea ventures, hotels, swimming pools and many other businesses


  • Learn to use and access the beneficial tools that will be utilized effectively during risk management at the workplace, identify hazards, prevent injuries, and investigate incidents
  • Learn to keep your workplace safe in your organization
  • Earn a valuable trust of the employees as a responsible management care for health and safety


  • Increase productivity by reducing accidents and injuries
  • Learn to apply safety measures to create a healthy work environment and culture

Scaffolding Safety

  • Ensure safety of every employee at great heights, construction site, and any other place where there is a greater risk of injury and falling
  • Learn to manage a secure and steady location at your construction site for the workers
  • Become an expert in reaching the difficult area at your workplace to get the job done


  • Get a license for legal Forklift and learn the techniques to drive forklift
  • Learn to operate a huge Forklift safely, maintain correct position, easy completion of task and refueling
  • Learn to reduce the risk of injury and fatal accident to pedestrians and operators

For further information contact our representative and get enrolled in our health and safety training in Dubai and UAE.