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About Us

About ConquerTDCProtection and safety have become an essential and integral part of every industry, workplace, and institution. The world is moving at a fast pace, any incident due to poor safety techniques can lead to high damage for both human and businesses. All the industries are following work ethics to drive their performance successfully. The major hurdle in this regard is the application and implementation of Health, Safety and Environmental security and fire safety training in UAE and all over the world. We at Conquer Training & Development Center strive to provide the useful tools and courses to empower the national and international employers and employees. We are determined to prevent major and minor work related injuries.

Effective fire marshal training in Dubai and Health & safety training in UAE may develop and give power to all the employees to improve the conditions at their workplace.

Over the years’, CTDC has garnered worthy goodwill among our clients and students, which we owe to the in-depth knowledge, astute professionalism, sound instructional skills, and flexibility of our expert qualified safety and health trainers in the UAE.

Mission Statement

We are a professional firm providing fire and life safety training services. Driven by our “passion to multiply our expertise into our clients”, our only measure of success is incident-free facilities. To this, we encourage personal and professional growth and development of our team members thereby enhancing the cumulative growth of our company, clients, industry and environment.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leadingtraining institution of UAE by 2020 providing innovative and effectivetrainings solutions in safeguarding life, property and environment.